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Nature Calls

This blog is dedicated to all the tree huggers out there. Don’t be shy…hug a tree today!


Whether you’re a classroom teacher, park naturalist or ranger, homeschooling parent, or environmental educator, I hope you find inspiration on these pages.

Kids of All Ages

Do you love the outdoors? Does it inspire you to create, write, draw, or play? There’s a little bit of nature in all of us. Explore these pages to learn about the natural world around you.


Nature is a wonderful educator, playmate, and therapist for kids. It can also provide us with ways to manage stress and take better care of our mental and physical health.

What’s Up in Your Neck of the Woods?

From nature crafts to educational activities, these pages will provide you with fun and healthy ways to bring more nature into your life.

Kid Science

Science is a broad subject that includes ecology, biology, earth science, chemistry, and cell biology…and that’s just the tip of the science iceberg. These articles will teach kids (mom and dad, too) about various aspects of science in fun and imaginative ways.

Plants and Animals

The plants and animals of the world are simply amazing. From the smallest to the largest, each has its own unique characteristics, habitat requirements, evolutionary history, and story to tell. You’ll find some of those stories on these pages.

Educator Resources

Every educator knows the value of bringing nature to the classroom. Students who are strong visual learners thrive in a setting that incorporates hands-on activities. These articles provide ideas educators can use to create fun, kid-approved science and nature-based lessons.

Nature Crafts

These nature-themed craft ideas are great for kids (and adults) of all ages. They’re also wonderful activities you can do together as a family. Along with the crafts, each article includes interesting facts and enlightening information about the natural world.

Hot Topics - Nature in the News

Whether it’s global climate change or disappearing honey bees, these articles will keep you informed on topics that affect us all. Each topic is carefully researched, referenced, and updated regularly.

Nature Zen

Nature has a healing force that many people ignore. On these pages you’ll find information on self-improvement, mental and physical health, relaxation techniques, and ways to reduce stress…all with a nature-minded focus.

About Tree Huggin’ Mom

Hi, there! My name is Tiffani, and I’m a tree huggin’ mom, among many other things. I started this blog for several reasons, but mostly because of my love of nature and all it can teach us.

This blog is dedicated to the tree hugger in each of us. I hope you’ll discover something relevant to your interests, whether it’s nature-themed crafts, nature and science in the news, cool plants and animals, nature scavenger hunts, classroom lessons, or even some natural ways to wind down when you’re feeling stressed. 

I’m always open to ideas for articles or craft projects, so please feel free to contact me at Info@TreeHugginMom.com.

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