Hey There, Fellow Tree Hugger!

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Tech and Nature Can Coexist

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What if I could provide you with an educational and entertaining program that encourages your kids to use technology to help them discover how the natural world works? Not only that, but it gets them outside too! Would you be interested in learning more?

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Nature Zen

Nature has a healing force that many people ignore. On these pages, you'll find information on self-improvement, mental and physical health, relaxation techniques, and ways to reduce stress...all with a nature-minded focus.

Hey There, Fellow Tree Hugger!

Do you like free stuff? Looking for a fun way to get your kids to spend more time outdoors?

I thought that might get your attention! If your kids are like mine, they don't want to relinquish their precious tablets to go and play outside...not even for a few minutes! So, in an attempt to find a happy middle ground for my family, I created what I call a "Digital Nature Scavenger Hunt." Now, I simply upload a new scavenger hunt to my kids' tablets, and send them outside to get some fresh air and exercise. It really works!

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